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Enriching Young Minds: Lakeside Childcare's Dedication to Quality Care, Developmental Support, and Nature Exploration.

Lakeside Childcare strives to create a learning environment that constitutes high quality care, ensures maximized developmental support, and provides plenty of opportunity for exploration of the natural world around them.


Using How Does Learning Happen? Ontario’s Pedagogy for the Early Years, concepts derived from play based learning as well as high scope and nature-based teachings, Lakeside Childcare delivers programming that meets and exceeds the needs of children’s natural curiosity, affinity for risky play, and need and right to feel as though their well being is maintained, can engage and express themselves, as well as have a sense of belonging within the centre and its staff.

Nature Centered

Lakeside Childcare is located on 2.5 acres of land, optimal for creating outdoor learning spaces such as garden beds and natural climbing structures.

Play Based

Our team believes that play is children’s work, and they learn best when they are the catalysts of their programming. Our educators will observe the children in their classroom environment before planning and provoking activities and experiences that meet the children’s developmental needs while touching on subjects they currently enjoy and have interest in.

Nature Centred Programming

High Quality Care



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Our Programs

Enhancing Growth and Discovery

Our toddler programs, designed for children ages 18 months through 30 months, connect the little ones in our care to the natural world around them by means of practical life play, problem solving, nature exploration, and much more. Our educators plan experiences based on observations made in the classroom to best suit the needs of the classroom.
Our preschool programs, designed for children ages 30 months through 5 years are designed to prepare children for the next stages of their schooling, while keeping play based learning forefront within the programming. Children will be able to explore the environment around them by interacting with outdoor classrooms, garden beds, etc.


Lakeside Childcare places a strong emphasis on nutrition, promoting the idea of children nourishing both their bodies and minds through balanced eating practices and education.

Our facility features vegetable and herb gardens, enabling children to actively participate in the cultivation of their own meals. We encourage open discussions regarding dietary restrictions and food choices, allowing us to work closely with our on-site chef to align with your family’s food values and specific dietary needs.

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Lakeside Update

Sarnia City Council APPROVED our zoning bylaw request and we are now one step closer to approval from every party. This was huge for our progress and we couldn’t thank the councillors who put their trust in us enough. Amazing! Minor renovations continue: new flooring

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